Transformers the Movie, 1986 - special podcast episode coming!

Amongst many other things, I am a fan of retro, the 1980s, Transformers, and podcasts. Just imagine my delight when one of my favourite podcasts – The Retro Cinema podcast – finally gave in to my relentless pestering and scheduled an episode devoted to the greatest animated movie ever made: Transformers the Movie, from 1986!

The Retro Cinema pod is a (usually) weekly podcast hosted by my friends and yours, Gidgit Von La Rue and Angry Man, which I’m assured are their actual birth names. Each episode features Gidgit and Angry (or sometimes with a special guest) discussing an 80s movie, sometimes a classic, sometimes an underappreciated movie that you may not have come across before.

Now, I was a huge Transformers fan (and still am!), and the 1986 movie was mind-blowing for me at the time. It (mostly) still holds up today, and I’ve enjoyed re-visiting it with my own family. I won’t spoil anything, for the 5 people who have never seen it! It’s by no means perfect, and it has its flaws, but there are some classic moments in there, and some great lines which you’ll find yourself repeating.

It was inevitable that the Retro Cinema pod would get round to this classic, and I am pleased to say that this Thursday, June 17th, sees the release of this very special episode! Gidgit and Angry were also kind enough to ask a certain author and Transformers fan to introduce the episode for them – me!

So on Thursday, head to the Retro Cinema pod, and listen closely!

‘Til all are one!