Spotlight on...Tim Blaney

Welcome to the latest in our series of ‘Spotlight’ features, where we focus on one of our mega-talented clients to give you an introduction to their screen careers.

In today’s post – “No. 5 is alive!” We focus on our newest client, the amazing puppeteer and voice actor Tim Blaney.

Tim is perhaps best known as the man behind the robot Johnny 5 in the 1986 classic movie Short Circuit. Tim performed the puppetry work for the robot, wearing a sensor-filled suit that allowed him to control the robot remotely. In a break from the norm, Tim did not record Johnny 5’s lines in the studio later, instead voicing him live on-set during filming, allowing him to interact with the cast more naturally. Tim’s performance gave the character a quirkiness and charm which helped viewers empathise and root for the robot star, and is fondly remembered all these years later.

In the same year, Tim’s work was seen in another classic 80s movie, Flight of the Navigator, as he provided puppetry and voice work for the tiny cute character of Puckmaren, an alien encountered on the ship by the character David.

In 1998, Tim reprised the role of Johnny 5 in the sequel movie Short Circuit II.

Tim’s other most memorable role is the voice of Frank the Pug in the Men in Black movie series.

Tim is also a long-time collaborator with the Jim Henson Company and the Muppets. His work here includes roles in the movies Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Muppets and its sequel Muppets Most Wanted, and Where the Wild Things Are, and the TV series Muppets Tonight and Dinosaurs.

Tim has also provided voice work for a number of video games, including Skyrim, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, and MIB: Alien Crisis.

Tim can be booked for your comic con, event or private signing by contacting us via Messenger or