Spotlight on...Stan Bush

Welcome to the latest in our series of ‘Spotlight’ features, where we focus on one of our mega-talented clients to give you an introduction to their screen careers.

In this post, I am delighted to discuss a man who has both The Touch AND the power!

I am of course talking about the singer and guitarist Stan Bush.

Stan’s musical career began as part of the short-lived rock group Boulder, but Stan quickly spread his wings and branched out into his solo work.

Stan is best known for his contribution to the soundtrack of the 1986 animated classic The Transformers: The Movie. Both the incidental music and the songs used are an integral part of what makes this movie work as an experience, and Stan’s songs in particular are very fondly remembered. Stan contributed 2 songs, ’Dare’ and ’The Touch’, with the latter in particular used at critical moments in the movie (first as Optimus Prime arrives and heroically intervenes in an important battle, and later as Hot Rod successfully opens the Matrix and becomes the Autobots’ new leader, Rodimus Prime).

Other songs provided by Stan for movie soundtracks include ‘Hearts vs. Heads’ from The Wraith (1986), ‘Fight to Survive’ and ‘On My Own – Alone’ from Bloodsport (1988) and ‘Never Surrender’, ‘Streets of Siam’, and ‘Fight for Love’ from Kickboxer (1989).

In 2014, Stan was (rightly!) inducted into the Transformers Hall of Fame at that year’s BotCon Transformers Fan Convention in Pasadena, California.

Stan continues to record and release music, and in 2020 released his 14th studio album, Dare to Dream.

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