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Welcome to the latest in our regular series of online blogs, where with each entry, we give focus to one of our many uber-talented screen idol clients.

This week, it gives us very great pleasure to throw a spotlight on Mr Johnny Green, who many of you will know as the kid in 1955 Hill Valley in Back to the Future that helps Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) invent the skateboard, by donating his homemade scooter to allow our hero to flee from the clutches of town bully Biff Tannen.

We caught up with Johnny recently and talked a little about his fateful casting in the multiple Oscar-hauling blockbuster of its decade, and learnt some incredible insights along the way. It's well-documented amongst fans of the classic trilogy that the lead role of Marty was initially inhabited by Mask & Pulp Fiction star Eric Stoltz, and that much of the film was shot with Stoltz before he was deemed to not be working well in the role and subsequently replaced by Fox. What is perhaps less well-known, is that the complexity of the standout town square skateboard action set-piece took place over a period of several weeks. Further, once Stoltz was replaced by Fox, then only 8 years-old Green was required to come back and re-film his scenes with the rising star. Being an enormous fan of the hit TV show Family Ties, this represented an incredible opportunity for the young actor to get to work with his fave show's star on the cusp of his ascent to mega-stardom. Johnny still vividly recalls his mother receiving the phone call to confirm he was required back on the famous set at Universal Studios, Hollywood, where he would ultimately be involved in a piece of film history to be enjoyed by generations of filmgoers. It was nothing short of a dream come true.

The acting bug remained with Johnny through his teens and well into his adult years, with his stage & screen career taking in a number of intense, complex and increasingly more layered roles, for which has earned great acclaim over the years. These include such further outings as another 80's classic; Say Anything, through 90's TV sensation My So-Called Life and even playing Oscar-winner Angelina Jolie's brother in the feature film Gia. In spite of this, the man graciously acknowledges that it's an inevitably epic challenge to achieve wider fame than appearing in the biggest flick of its time, and he's humbly philosophical about his most high-profile appearance occurring at the start of his career. Thankfully, rather than dwell on this matter, and like the title of the famous film franchise on his resume, Mr Green looks ever forward to fresh opportunities to be had in the future. He has begun to work behind the camera in a creative & largely screenwriting capacity, and expressed to us his lifelong fascination with all manner of scientific theories, with big intentions to pool this into his many script projects. How fascinating it would be for example, as this week's Spotlight subject contemplates, if the notion of time travel could be tied into such notions as; the Roswell alien landing, the prospect of ghosts & spirits, the unsolved crime of the century - the JFK assassination - or further, if the genre were given a tonal shift from mainstream storytelling into the more cerebral stylings of the Being John Malkovich writer Charlie Kaufman.

It becomes very apparent that, for Johnny, his part in a series that featured the most iconic movie scientist of our 'time' was of a great deal more significance to him personally than any fame or attention the experience brought him. For this Scene Stealer, the story tapped into something that has become part of his lifelong pursuit; to understand and bring into the open topics that are typically dismissed by governments and the majority of the general public. 

We wait with baited breath to see how Mr Green will spin this into upcoming entertainments, but no doubt as he does so will find ourselves quoting that kid back in that town square of the past, by observing; 'wow; look at him go'!

Johnny Green can be booked for your event through Scene Stealers. You can purchase a signed print from Johnny exclusively here for £30.

Stay tuned for our next Spotlight on... feature very soon!

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