Spotlight on...Cindy Morgan

Welcome to the latest in our series of ‘Spotlight’ features, where we focus on one of our mega-talented clients to give you an introduction to their screen careers.

In today’s post, we are delighted to introduce Cindy Morgan to the Scene Stealers roster.

We know Cindy best from her roles in the comedy Caddyshack and the sci-fi trailblazing classic Tron. Prior to these, Cindy spent time working as a TV weather reporter and a DJ on local radio, and began to get noticed from her work in television commercials.

In 1980, Cindy appeared as Lacey Underall in the comedy movie Caddyshack, working with screen stars such as Bill Murray, Chevy Chase and Rodney Dangerfield, directed by Harold Ramis. The filming of the movie has been politely described as chaotic, but Cindy enjoyed improvising scenes with these comedy legends, and her performance is warmly regarded by fans of this cult classic.

Cindy’s other major role was in fact two parts for the price of one! In 1982, the seminal sci-fi movie Tron was released, with pioneering computer-generated special effects, the first feature film to use this technology. Cindy had 2 roles in this movie – Lora, a computer programmer, and Yori, her digital computer-generated counterpart – and also provided the voice for the character ‘Ma3a’ in the computer game Tron 2.0, reuniting with Bruce Boxleitner for the project.

Following these breakthrough roles, Cindy made continuing and guest appearances on a wide variety of television shows, including Falcon Crest, Matlock, Amazing Stories, CHiPs, The Larry Sanders Show, Harry and the Hendersons, The Fall Guy, and The Love Boat.

Outside of the screen, supporting charities and charitable endeavours is a passion of Cindy’s, particularly those that support veterans of the US military services.

Cindy can be booked for your comic con or event by contacting us via

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