An Introduction to ME, and a big HELLO!

Hello! As a new blogger here, I thought I would take a moment to introduce myself to you all.

I am GR Dix, children's book author, independent scientific consultant, and retro fan.

Let's take those one at a time:

I am the creator of the 'Brian Brackbrick' series of children's books - books 1 to 4 are out now, keep your eyes peeled for books 5 and 6 later this year to finish out the series. I am also developing other projects. You can check out my books on Amazon:



In my day job I am a scientific consultant for hire, mainly focussing on chemical compliance but open to anything that's interesting! For this you can contact me on LinkedIn:

I am also a huge fan of retro culture, from the 1960s onwards, with a particular soft spot for the 1980s! Personal interests / favourites include: Star Wars, especially The Empire Strikes Back, the greatest film ever made; Transformers, particularly the UK G1 toyline and UK comics written by Simon Furman; Marvel; and far too many types of music to list here!

I am looking forward to writing the occasional blog post here, and interacting with other retro fans, learning about all of your interests as I reveal more about mine! Thanks to Scene Stealers for having me :-)

Garry (GR Dix)

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